Sliding Doors Update and Website Tweaks

I’ve done a few tweaks to the Automatic Sliding Door product. The chat commands in the sensor now use the doorChannel variable as was originally intended, channels are now negative by default, and doors will only listen to sensors owned by the same owner. Since there’s no auto update feature in this product and it’s basically a freebie I’ve included it with the group notice sent earlier today! If you’re not in the group you can request an update from the delivery terminal at Union Micro or join the group at open the past notices and get the update there. Please don’t IM me asking for updates as that would be overwhelming.

I’ve also added a Get Satisfaction widget to our customer support section of the website. This allows you to post and view support requests without leaving this site via your free Get Satisfaction account. Apologies to anyone who posted questions there recently that went unanswered – I think the email notifications were getting filtered into my spam so I just figured no one was posting any questions.

Our comments are now powered by Disqus so you can comment on posts here as long as you have a Disqus account (you should get one because a lot of sites now use this system).

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