Seeing that I eliminated the lower-prim version of the elevator cars, I’ve created this quick guide for modifying the buttons in your elevator car.
This is just a quick how-to for those not well-versed in building in Second Life.

  1. Right click your elevator car and choose Edit.
  2. If necessary, click the “More >>” button to expand the edit dialog box.
  3. Take note of which prim is the root-prim. The root prim has a yellow highlight, while the others are blue. It also contains the “_elevator” script.
  4. With the elevator car selected, select Tools > Unlink from the Second Life menu. DO NOT DESELECT YOUR ELEVATOR CAR! All parts of the car should now be highlighted in yellow as they are all separate objects now.
  5. Deselect the root-prim, as noted in step 3, and all of the elevator floor buttons that you wish to get rid of. You deselect objects by holding the Shift key (on a PC) and clicking on the object. As you deselect objects, the yellow highlight will disappear from around them.
  6. Now re-select the root prim. (The root prim is always the last object selected before linking)
  7. Now select Tools > Link from the Second Life menu.
  8. Now you may delete the buttons that you unlinked from the elevator car.

That’s all there is to it!

Modding other parts of the car
If you’d like to re-shape any other parts of the elevator car, you can do this by choosing “Edit linked parts” from the edit dialog box. This lets you edit the part as if it wasn’t linked to the others.

NOTE: Please do not edit the size of the doors. If you do so, then they will not move properly as the script is programmed for the specific size that they come as.