Visual Studio Code Guide

Looking to configure Visual Studio Code in Windows for use with LSL scripts for Second Life? I’ve created a guide that you can find here that will lay the foundation for configuring VS Code, along with using a couple external tools for preprocessing and optimizing your LSL scripts.

New Web Server

Welcome to AWS! I’ve moved Union Micro to a new web server, mostly because I was bored and wanted to try something new. Also, if I ever get a small amount of ambition and want to do any web-services in-world, this system is scalable. There’s also a possibility I’ve broken some links but I tried not to. You should be able to find anything via the navigation bar at the top.

I’ve also updated the FAQ with some more current information.

We’re Back!

I’m back… again! I had to block out some time in order to update a lot of my products to a new system since HippoTech had server issues and basically the entire back end of Union Micro disappeared.

I’ve spent the last weekend updating mainly my gen2 elevators and a couple other of my recent products to work with CasperUpdate. This also means I’ve started using CasperVend.

What does this mean for you? Not much unless you’re looking for product updates. All SL Marketplace purchases have been imported into CasperVend, so you can use any CasperVend vendor to get your products redelivered (touch a vendor and choose redeliver from the menu). I’ve also updated the Union Micro Affiliate Kit with the new vendors so feel free to use those for purchases and re-deliveries as well.

Your current products will no longer update as there’s no longer a server to request updates from (see HippoTech blog linked above). You MUST acquire a newer version either via automated re-delivery or by contacting me for a new version. This is a pain, but these are the cards we were dealt!

If you’ve purchased your items in-world before March 25th, 2018, your updates will need to be manually delivered as records of these sales are gone. Just contact me (Stylez Gomez) in-world and I’ll try and help you out. You may be requested to rez a copy of your product as proof. After receiving the new version, they will auto-update via CasperUpdate.

These are the products that currently support CasperUpdate :

  • All gen2 elevator products
  • Affiliate Kit
  • Escalator Kit
  • SpeakTech

One of my next steps may be to re-establish a store in-world but I’m still not sure about that yet, so stay tuned.