Genuine Product Info

Although our elevator shells are full permission, people are NOT permitted to resell them. This requires reiteration because we’ve come across people reselling them. Shells may ONLY be given away as part of a building, no exceptions. This also applies to shells with scripts from the builders’ edition – these elevators must be included with a building.

If you’ve purchased your shells from someone other than Stylez Gomez and have reason to believe that the seller was NOT using an authorized Union Micro Affiliate Vendor, please report them to Stylez Gomez. The vendor creator should be listed as Andy Enfield as it uses the hippoVEND system.

Here is an example of one of our affiliate vendors:
Affiliate Vendor

Violators of this agreement will find themselves banned from the Union Micro affiliate program. If we feel necessary, we may ban the individual from all Union Micro locations, future elevator updates, and anything else that will put a cramp in their style. If the situation gets really out of hand, we will have to put a blacklist in the elevator system that prevents the individuals from ever owning one of our elevators – although I doubt it will ever come to that.

If you have specific questions regarding what you can and can’t include elevator shells with, simply send Stylez Gomez an IM informing him of what you want to do with the shells and he will get back to you.