Here I will be adding some Frequently Asked Question regarding things from the website to general product questions.

Q: How often is the online staff list updated on the website?
A: If you’re not logged in, the staff list will be updated every 30 minutes. If you are logged into the website, the data should be no more than 10 minutes old.

Q: I seem to have lost one of your items! How can I get a new one?
A: If the item in question was copyable, you can use the redelivery station to redeliver your purchase as long as it was purchased in-world using our vendors. Items purchased on the SL Marketplace will have to be manually redelivered by Stylez Gomez.

Q: What’s the fastest way to get support on one of your products?
A: If you’re in-world, send an instant message to an online staff member. You can also send an offline instant message to Stylez Gomez or email [email protected] Lastly, feel free to ask your question in the Union Micro Support group.

Q: How do I join the Union Micro Support group?
A: Click the sign at our customer service desk that says Union Micro Support for an invite. Please note that our bot, UnionMicro Chronowire, must be online for the request to be processed. If you do not see the bot standing at the customer service desk then your request will be processed the next time the bot logs in.

Q: Why can’t I use the built-in group feature to join your group anymore?
A: Due to some issues we’ve had with troublesome users, we had to give our bot the job as the middle-man. This allows the bot to have a ban list of people that are not allowed in our group for various reasons. If these troublesome users aren’t able to get into the group, that should result in less spam and less griefing.

Q: What is this mailing list thing that I see on a different sign?
The mailing list is an alternative way for you to stay informed no product updates and news from Union Micro. These notices are sent via the Union Micro Support group, and are also sent via instant message from our bot to the mailing list.

Q: Your bot keeps spamming me with notices! How do I make it stop?
A: To leave the mailing list, simply drop by our customer service desk and click the red button that says “leave mailing list.”

Q: I don’t remember joining your group or mailing list, where did you get my name?
A: Names are not manually added to our mailing list or added to our group. This is something you would have had to initiate yourself. Keep in mind that when you buy something from our vendors you will get an invite to our group and/or mailing list if you click yes on the dialog box.

Q: How do I give your products as gifts? Most of them are no-transfer!
A: Beside our customer service desk you’ll find a special gift vendor. You can use this to buy items and have them delivered to someone else. There are also gift vouchers available by our main entrance that are transferable.

Q: How many store locations do you have?
A: We have two official store locations. We have our main store in Lionheart, and a satellite branch in Ruwart. We also have an affiliate program which allows anyone to sell our products grid-wide.

Q: Do you do custom scripting?
A: No, we do not offer custom scripting.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: No, we are not currently hiring for support positions. However, we are always taking applications for experienced elevator installers.

Q: I have an idea for one of your products, who do I suggest it to?
A: Feel free to send product suggestions to Stylez Gomez via instant message or notecard.