Builders Kit

NOTE: This guide is ONLY for use with a building that uses the elevator builders kit. This will serve as a quick guide to get you started – see the “Installation Instructions” notecard intended for use without the builders kit for more detailed configuration instructions.

Table of Contents

  • Instructions
  • Other Features
  • Final Thoughts
  • Instructions

    1. Rez your elevator box on the ground in the same region as the builders kit compatible building.
    2. Touch the box and choose “Rez” from the menu that appears.
    3. Repeat this for each box of elevator pieces that you have. If you purchased an entire kit, you will only need to do this once.
    4. After all of the elevator pieces are rezzed, inspect the positioning of all of the pieces to make sure they look correct.
      • Note: The positioning of the elevator pieces is only as good as the builder that positioned the builders kit pieces. Garbage in, garbage out. You will need to contact the builder with any alignment issues, or simply reposition the pieces yourself.
    5. After verifying all of the elevator pieces, choose “Save” from the box that they came in (rezzed from) to lock them in place.
      • Warning: You will not be able to use the “Derez” option to quickly delete them after this step.
    6. Now, edit the elevator pieces “_config” notecards as detailed in the Installation Instructions notecard.
    7. After editing all of the notecards, choose “Read Config” from the menu on all of your doors and controller.
    8. Choose “Install” from the menu in your elevator car.
    9. Verify that you elevator is working properly, then choose “Delete” from the box to delete all of the builders kit pieces.
      • Note: The builders kit pieces are phantom (at least packaged that way by me), so you will be able to walk through them and test your elevator before deleting them.


      You may touch the builders kit pieces to bring up their menu. From there you can enable and disable certain builders kit pieces.
      Why is this useful?
      Well, if you have three buildings that all use the builders kit, but only want to install a certain elevator in a one building, you can disable all of the builders pieces in the other two buildings to isolate the one that you want to install to. The result is that the elevator installs only to the pieces that are enabled – the one building.

      This system is capable of installing multiple elevators at once from a single box. I’ve tested this with 10 elevator installations at 5 floors a piece. The limit is only limited by script memory.

      If at any time a rez fails, select “Derez” and then “Rez” again to restart.

      You can choose “Abort” from the box to cancel a rez that is in progress. You will then need to select “Derez” to remove the partial installation.


        Your elevator system should be functioning well now. If you’re a scripter, feel free to make use of the API in the controller and sell some add-ons for my elevator system. If you’d prefer, you can propose an idea to me and create it, then if I like it I may buy the rights to it.

        Don’t be afraid to offer feature suggestions to me. Lots of the updates I do contain feature requests from users. Stay up to date on things by checking out the Union Micro website from time to time, I often post updates on things I’m working on there. If you send me an instant message and it goes un-answered, it’s possible that I’ve reached my message cap. Your best option is to contact support, post in the Union Micro forum or ask in the Union Micro Support group.