Announcing microCTRL

microCTRL logo

I’ve released a new product line I’m calling microCTRL. This product line was birthed by the need to update my automatic lights to something more modern using mesh. This got the wheels turning and I decided to make an entirely new product line that to start with includes lights and a power switch.

If you’re at all familiar with home automation in real life, I’m basically designing microCTRL to be home automation for your virtual life. The initial release of these products is fairly basic, yet quite customizable. I’m hoping to add more products in the future and add more to the control and automation aspects.

You can view and play with these new products at our main store in Lionheart.

If you’re a previous owner of an Automatic Box Light or Automatic Disc Light, use a CasperVend redelivery terminal or the SL Marketplace to redeliver these items to get their microCTRL replacements at no charge.

SL Marketplace listings:
Power Switch
Recessed Light
Shop Light