Setup Guide

Table of Contents

Setting up your RentTrack box is as easy as rezzing it and editing the “_config” notecard. All options are explained inside of the comments in the notecard.

  1. Rez the box onto the ground.
  2. Edit the “_config” notecard.
  3. Touch the box and choose “Reset”.
  4. Grant the box permission to debit money from your account or it will not work.
  5. The configuration is loaded and you’re all done!

Menu Navigation

  1. Any menu title that has an ellipsis (…) after it, will open a sub menu.
  2. You may return back to the main menu from any sub menu by choosing “<- Main".
  3. All menus have a “Cancel” button. Use this instead of “Ignore” as “Cancel” will close the active listener and free up the menu. Otherwise you will have to wait for the timeout of 30 seconds before you can access the menu again.

If Rent-to-Own (RTO for short) is enabled, then a portion of each rental is contributed to the price of the land. Once someone starts the Rent-to-Own period, no one else can use Rent-to-Own on the same box until the Rent-to-Own data is cleared. Rent-to-Own data is cleared by choosing “RTO…” and then “Reset RTO” from the menu. The box will tell you how far along the RTO period the tenant was, so you can adjust the RTO price if you need to reset the RTO data for technical reasons.

Note: The box is NOT capable of transferring your land to the tenant. You must do this manually.

Group Discounts
Group discounts can be awarded to avatars that pay the box and have the same group tag active as the group that the box is set to.

Free Rent
Free rent is awarded regardless of the maximum rental period.
For instance:
Maximum rental is 4 weeks.
Free rent is 2 weeks when 3 weeks are paid for.

If a tenant pays for the maximum, 4 weeks, the rental box recognizes their 2 free weeks, so the box is occupied for 6 weeks. The tenant cannot purchase more time, however, until the time remaining falls below the maximum of 4 weeks.

Prim Counting
Due to technical limitations of the prim counting functions, prim counting is only available to the box owner. Managers can view prim totals for a box, but it will display as 0 unless the box owner is online and in the same region.

Configuration Notecard
All configuration options are detailed inside the notecard itself, so no explanation is necessary here. The commented notecard may take some time to load, so you may remove all comments (lines that begin with the # symbol) to speed up the loading process.

You get to the updates menu by choosing “Update…” from the main menu.

  1. “Check” will contact the update server for an updated copy of the RentTrack package.
  2. “Update” will begin updating your RentTrack box with an update disk that is rezzed in the same region.