Main Store Closed

Due to lack of time, interest, and motivation I’ve decided to close the main store. Union Micro has existed in Second Life in some form or another since 2004 but over the last couple years has become stagnant.

Union Micro itself has not closed, just the main store (basically the only in-world presence). I’ve moved my vendor servers to another location as well us all product update servers so they will continue to function. Products will be able to be purchased via the SL Marketplace and in-world affiliate vendors run by third-parties. Affiliate vendors can be purchased for L$1 on the SL Marketplace.

Any builders that have affiliate vendors for Elevator Unlockers should continue to function, but if you’re sending your clients to our shop to buy an Unlocker you’ll have to either put up an affiliate or direct them to the SL Marketplace. I believe there is an affiliate vendor included with the Builder’s Script Pack.

I will continue to provide critical updates to the gen 2 elevators for the foreseeable future but they’re in general very stable as long as Linden Lab doesn’t do anything drastic to the simulators.

Technical support is now only provided via the in-world “Union Micro Support” group and the GetSatisfaction website (choose Customer Service under the Support menu at the top of this website).

Union Micro may return some day with an official in-world store but at this moment I’m holding out hope for Second Life 2.0 for our return.

I’ll create a section on this site or update this post with links to in-world affiliates where you can purchase products in-world and see product demos. If there’s nothing on this page, there’s likely no affiliates to list.

Thank you all for making Union Micro what it is for the past ten years.

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