What next?

Lately I’ve been thinking about starting on gen 3 elevators as I have some major ideas that would require too much modding of gen 2 to get working. I’m thinking that gen 2 is now feature frozen (not including bug fixing) and I will look ahead toward gen 3 elevators.

When will gen 3 be out? Well, I haven’t written a single line of code for it yet, it’s still on the brainstorming stage! I do have some neat ideas assuming some new LSL features come to fruition, but most of the new features I will not go into detail on as within a week there will be elevators on the grid with said features.

I will be putting AuthServ on hold as I think it fits nicely in with gen 3. If I released it now, it would require people to relearn some basic things they’ve become used to with gen 2.

How much will gen 3 cost? It depends on how good it turns out and how much time I have to put into developing it. Gen 2 owners will get a discount of some sort but I’m not sure how I’ll implement this or how much the discount will be. Gen 1 elevators will likely become dirt cheap (they already are dirt cheap…) or free.

I tend to start a lot of projects and never finish them… will gen 3 be the same? Only time will tell, but I hope not! Either way, gen 3 won’t be released for quite some time.

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