Get Satisfaction!

I’d like to introduce you to our newest addition to customer service – Get Satisfaction! We’re always striving to increase our customer service here at Union Micro so we’ve decided to partner up with Get Satisfaction in order to ultimately provide better customer service, create an extensive knowledge base, and become more transparent to our customers.

Get Satisfaction is all about satisfying the customer! Other than asking for support you can use it to give praise to us, share your ideas, and report problems!

You’ll obviously notice that as of the time I post this there’s absolutely nothing on the support portal, but as time goes on we hope that it will grow into a vastly useful knowledge base both to our customers and to us. In the meantime you can browse our forum archive and our FAQ for some help on the basics.

We stress the point that everyone should start posting their questions to Get Satisfaction instead of messaging us in-world or using the contact form. We also realize that some problems may be urgent in which case you’ll need to contact us directly, and that’s okay!



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