Elevator 2.3.1 soon!

Quickly following the major 2.3.0 release I will be releasing 2.3.1. This update will fix an issue where the car doors will open when the car is moving if the car is called to the floor that it’s currently at, at the same time it’s leaving that floor. Also this will fix another big issue that occurs when an idle floor is specified and the car is installed when it’s already at or near that floor – the car will usually open its doors and the exterior doors will open on the bottom floor instead of the idle floor.

This update should be released Friday night or possibly Saturday if any issues arise during testing. We feel that with this update we’re near to the level of stability that our generation 1 elevators have had for quite some time.

When the update is available simply rez your original “Union Micro Box – Elevator Script Package” and you should receive the update within a few seconds. This applies to the builders’ edition as well.