Elevator 2.3.0 update!

I released the 2.3.0 update a couple of days ago and intend to release 2.3.1 hopefully tomorrow (see the post above this one).

Relase notes after the break!

Updated script package to 2.3.0:
    o Added more logging of elevator events to car and doors.
    o Increased log capacity from 25 to 50 events.
    o Improved collision detection and counter-measures.
    o Minor physics tweaks related to floor arrivals to deal with heavy cars and multiple passengers.
    o Minor physics trade-off that makes the car drop when installed but allows it to use more energy when moving. 
    o Sound system overhaul and extension.
        o Separated stop and start sound volumes.
        o Added configurable sound delays to start, stop, and looping sounds.
        o Tweaked default sounds in new __config notecards for elevator cars.
        o Allows for sound packs to be released soon by Union Micro.
    o Major adjustments to current floor detection script.
        o Car now detects its current floor with complete accuracy.
        o Allows you to put your floors closer together than before.
        o Allows you to modify your cars and doors in ways you couldn't before.
        o Fixed a stray timer that kept ticking even when the car was idle.
    o Added stuck notify users feature.
        o You can specify a list of avatars that will receive an IM when your elevator car gets stuck.
    o Adjusted stuck IM to include the region coordinates of the stuck elevator.
    o Adjusted maximum reliable speed to 0.25. Any higher than that and you will get a warning.
    o Added teleport menu timeout text.
    o Added ability for Stylez Gomez to update any elevator scripts with a master disk regardless of owner.
    o Added owner key to status displays to assist with master disk updates.
    o Removed unused XML-RPC code. Will replace with in-world HTTP server when available and if needed.
    o Elevators still send data to Union Micro via HTTP but as of yet there is nothing implemented to receive it.
    o Expanded the HTTP data sent for future web-based elevator monitoring by Union Micro techs.
    o Fixed a log entry typo.
Update disk updated to 2.1.0:
    o Nearly doubled script storage capacity.
        o Example: A 2.0.0 disk could update 57 doors at the same time, a 2.1.0 disk can update 112 doors at the same time.
        o This is just future-proofing. You shouldn't ever need to update more than 32 doors at a time.
Updated car shells to 2.3.0:
    o Added new notecard settings.