Shells, anyone?

We’ve contracted Timothy Harlow of Level10 to create some new generation two elevator shells which will bring a lot more variety to the elevators we see around the grid. We have four designs that are finished and ready to be scripted and who knows how many more floating around inside Timothy Harlow’s brain just waiting to be shaped into prims.

Expect to see these up for sale in the next few weeks, and pending the addition of code for round elevator doors, you will see a round car or two with some doors to go with it.

V2 Templates

I’ve finally created some generic v2 elevator templates that will allow you to create your own buttons and LED displays! These are only GUIDES and are not the actual images used to create my own v2 textures – you will have to make your own glossy finishes and shading.

Get them here!

Elevator 2.3.1 soon!

Quickly following the major 2.3.0 release I will be releasing 2.3.1. This update will fix an issue where the car doors will open when the car is moving if the car is called to the floor that it’s currently at, at the same time it’s leaving that floor. Also this will fix another big issue that occurs when an idle floor is specified and the car is installed when it’s already at or near that floor – the car will usually open its doors and the exterior doors will open on the bottom floor instead of the idle floor.

This update should be released Friday night or possibly Saturday if any issues arise during testing. We feel that with this update we’re near to the level of stability that our generation 1 elevators have had for quite some time.

When the update is available simply rez your original “Union Micro Box – Elevator Script Package” and you should receive the update within a few seconds. This applies to the builders’ edition as well.

Upcoming elevator update

Version 2.3.0 has just went in for early testing. Notable changes include a bit of a sound system overhaul that allows for greater customization, some very important physics tweaks, more logging events including doubled log capacity, as well as some other things that are yet to be finalized.

This update should fix a lot of issues where a car with multiple passengers will ALMOST reach the destination floor but stop a bit short because it’s too heavy to creep that last little bit. Also, the car will now snap to the destination floor if it gets stuck within 1 meter of it.

Expect a release by the weekend – any builders that are about to release a building with 2.2.1 or earlier should most definitely hold off and update to 2.3.0 when it’s released.

v2 Builders’ Edition

I’ve released an update to the elevators (v2.2.0) to facilitate the introduction of the new builders’ edition script package. This new edition allows you to transfer working* elevators with your buildings and then you customer only needs to purchase an Elevator Unlocker to make it all work!

Come check out our elevators and other products at our new main store in Lionheart.

* Elevator car needs to have a serial number entered before it will move.

Main Store Opened!

I’m happy to announce that our new main store in the Lionheart region is now officially open! Drop by and check out our new building that was designed and built by Timothy Harlow of Level10. The building is a fresh new look compared to our last main store in Ruwart and we hope that it’s the start of a bright future in the Lionheart region.

We appreciate any feedback you have for us regarding our new location, and anything else for that matter.

Happy holidays from all of us at Union Micro!

New main store picture