Interior Elevator

Welcome to the most advanced elevator system in Second Life! Built from the ground up with realism in mind, this system will provide passengers with the most authentic elevator experience that your Lindens can buy.


  • Realistic elevator logic.
    • Queuing system
      • Floors that request service are placed in a queue.
      • Elevator stops at queued floors based on its direction of travel and proximity.
      • This results in Second Life’s most efficient elevator.
  • High quality texturing.
    • Some textures used from Second Life’s top texture artists.
    • Some textures hand-made.
  • Realistic elevator sounds.
    • Start/stop sound.
    • Configurable Elevator music.
      • Turn it on or off.
      • Replace the sound with your own.
    • Opening/closing doors.
    • Floor arrival “ding.”
  • Spacious elevator car.
    • Reliable movement.
      • Elevator car doesn’t get stuck or freeze if configured and placed properly.
      • Smooth and steady with minimal jumping.
    • 10 buttons for floor selection.
      • Buttons appear or disappear to avoid confusion depending on how many floors you have configured.
    • Open door button.
    • 200m maximum distance between ground floor and top floor.
      • This is achieved by using a separate “controller” object which ties your elevator car in with your boarding stations.
  • Realistic boarding stations.
    • Animated doors with sound.
    • Direction of travel indicators.
    • Current floor LED display.

Car – 20 Primitives
Boarding Station – 11 Primitives
Controller – 4 Primitives

No refunds on Copyable items.

Introducing “Union Micro Home”

This is the latest addition to Union Micro by Angela Rosebud. She’s setup shop upstairs at the Union Micro main store selling different things for your Second Life homes. So far we have a small range of shelving, counters, tables, lighting and even a clothes hamper! All items with doors have doors that actually open! Stop by and check it out.

Union Micro Home

Sales Reporting & Delivery System updated

Vendor updated to 1.2
*Restructured the Pay box. It now only presents ONE button which is the price of the item it’s selling.
*Front face of vendor is now full-bright when online, and not full-bright when offline.

Sales Server updated to 1.01
*Reduced likeliness of the sales server not sending out nightly reports every night.
*Your sales logs should not be affected by this update.

I also changed the format of my release notes since there’s a lot of objects with different versions in this package.

New Prefab – Meridian

The Meridian is Union Micro’s first offering as an office building. Its modular design allows you to start with a lobby, place as many stories as you like and then top it off with a roof. Each story is a spacious 10m tall, allowing you to have high ceilings or split it into multiple floors. The footprint for this building is 20m x 20m, or you can knock out walls and enlarge it since it’s fully modifiable and copyable (in case you change your mind).

Although it’s labeled as an office building it will also make a great shop, or even an apartment building! Keep in mind that this is a shell – it has no interior walls or floor plan. The only level that contains a floor is the lobby, however a floor is included (along with the floor texture used in the lobby) if you want to place it throughout the building.
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Sales Reporting & Delivery System updated

Update 1.1
* Updated JEVN integration script. It now works with JEVN 3.x thanks to its API support.
JENC sales are now reported since the script uses the API.

* Integration scripts (JEVN, SLX), and the Union Micro Vendor script now report their locations as “Region Name (x, y, z)” instead of “Region Name (x, y)” as before.

* Changed the “Server Key=” entry in the _UMconfig notecard to “SalesServerKey=” so be sure to double check that if upgrading.

* Added the “LogSeparator=” entry to the _UMconfig notecard. This must match the Log Separator specified in your JEVN _config notecard. This MUST be changed from the default “-” log separator — I suggest using the | (pipe) symbol. Make sure this is not in any of the item names that you’re selling.

* Fixed documentation error for Sales Server – Log Types were reversed.

JEVN 3.x

Since the release of the encrypted JEVN 3 vendor system, my previous Sales Reporting product no longer logs sales from JEVN 3.x servers. This is because of a more-than-likely major change to how the JEVN server works. The new version apparently now has an API allowing you to plugin to sales logs, so within the next few days I’m going to look into getting that to work.

I also need to fix the JENC support… objects purchased through a JENC personal viewer are incorrectly logged.

As of this writing, JEVN 2.x works with the Sales Reporting system, and so does SL Exchange.

Multi-user Tip Ball Updated

I’ve added the (much requested) feature to adjust the amount of time between tip reminders, and even disable them completely. I needed to re-work the _config notecard, so previous versions are not compatible.

If you’d like an update, please IM ME FIRST, or else I’ll have a flood of inventory drops and I may miss someone.
Since this is not a copyable item, I am not able to send out automatic updates.

JEVN Vendors Online

After the rescent JEVN exploit, some of my items were stolen from my JEVN servers. Since then, my JEVN vendors have been offline, and my items were only available for purchase from my own vendors at my main store. It looks as though the problem has been isolated so I’ve brought all my JEVN vendors back online. So if you’ve rescently tried to use a Personal Viewer and it didn’t work, it’ll work now.

Vendor, Sales Report, & Delivery System

What you get:

  • Full-Feature Vendor
  • Sales Server
  • Delivery Server
  • Scripts to integrate this system with JEVN and SL Exchange*

  • Example scripts to integrate with your own vendors

*These are provided as-is. I cannot guarantee their functionality with future versions of said products.

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