Elevator 2.6.0 Update Available

This update is mainly a sound engine update adding new places to trigger sounds and includes some new default sounds. We’ve also added glow to all of the elevator buttons and a real elevator “nudge mode” with an audible alarm. See the full release notes for more detailed information!

To get your updates, simply rez your original crates or use our redelivery terminal at our customer service desk. It’s been a while since I put out an elevator update so let me know if something seems broken!



Updated script package to 2.6.0:

  • Added more sounds and sound options to the system.
    • Car can now play a sound when it arrives at a floor. Configured via the notecard in each call button. Defaults to a voice calling out the floor number.
    • Doors can now play an arrival sound depending on direction of travel. Defaults to a voice saying “Going Up” and “Going Down.”
    • Car can now play a sound when it enters maintenance mode. Defaults to a voice saying “Maintenance mode enabled/disabled.”
    • All sounds can now be disabled by setting their option to “off” in the notecards.
  • Added a new “nudge mode.”
    • Doors slowly close when blocked and an alarm sounds.
    • Number of times the doors have to be blocked before they’re forced closed is now configurable.
    • The warning text saying that an avatar is blocking the doors can now be hidden.
  • Buttons now use the glow feature. Amount of glow can be configured – set glow to 0.0 to disable.
  • Direction arrow on doors is now applied to the back of call buttons in order to preload it.

Updated all shells to 2.6.0:

  • Changed the on-rez text from whisper to owner-say – less spam for people around you.
  • Updated all notecards with the latest options.

Updated elevator unlocker:

  • Fixed the profile picture generator. Now correctly shows your profile picture.
  • Also updated the notecards included with it to more recent ones.

Website Revamp

The long overdo website revamp is currently under way! I’m aiming for a clean layout like the previous one, but with a bit more features and polish. For example, the old navigation menus were such a hack and were pretty ugly – the new site has some pretty flashy ones if you ask me!

Anyway, you will probably see the site evolve a lot over the coming days and it may even be completely broken from time to time.

Check out the progress below with my new progress bar widget!
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New Web Server!

I’ve just about completed the move to the new web server, so I hope this isn’t going to jinx me! I’m getting rid of the forum as it’s not really used and it’s probably very insecure and I don’t want baddies getting into the new server. There may be some intermittent times where the site is pretty screwed up, but it should be resolved fairly quickly. I’m also thinking about changing the layout/theme of this site as it’s starting to feel a little dated… I’ll have to thoroughly rub my chin on that one.

You may notice that this site isn’t updated frequently, so if you’re looking for more frequent updates be sure to follow us on Twitter – @UnionMicro.


It has come to our attention (again) that there are avatars on the grid either selling our elevators or claiming to be Union Micro. I would like to strongly remind you that if you purchase an unauthorized elevator shell you may find that your elevator shell may inexplicably stop working. Also, I would like to remind everyone that this is the only official Union Micro website (UnionMicro.net), all others are false.

Now, how do you know if you’re buying a legit Union Micro product? First, if you’re in our shop in Lionheart or at our satellite branch in Ruwart then you can be confident that you’re buying a genuine product. However, we do have an affiliate program with vendors all across the grid. The best way to know if this vendor is legit is to edit it and confirm that the object creator is Stylez Gomez or Andy Enfield (hippoVend). Of course if the creator is Andy Enfield then it could be ANY hippoVend vendor and may not be one of our affiliate vendors, so use discretion.

Elevator 2.5.1

All generation 2 elevator parts have been updated to 2.5.1 – this includes shells. This release is mainly a bugfix release but it has a couple of small features that straddle the line between a fix and a feature. The scripts have also been optimized and should perform slightly better than before, although you probably won’t notice a difference! Rez your original shipping crate or use our redelivery station at our customer service desk to get your updates.


Union Micro is now on Twitter! Click here to check us out or you can also click the little Twitter icon in the website footer. This is where I will post little snippets of information that is not quite important enough to post here on the website. Once I get things rolling it should be a great behind-the-scenes look at what goes on at Union Micro!

Gift Hunt

Drop by our main store in Lionheart and find the four gifts placed throughout the store! These gift boxes are red and white with gray ribbon and are hard to miss! Each gift contains a different Union Micro item for you to enjoy – just touch the gift to receive what’s inside.

Happy holidays from all of us at Union Micro!

New Shells and Scripts!

Get ’em while they’re hot! FIVE new Gen2 elevator shells are now in our vendors! You can choose from four new cars as well as one new set of doors!

The script packages have been updated to 2.5.0 with some bug fixes and a new automatic lighting feature that is used in the new cars.

Also, there’s an updated affiliate kit with updated vendors and Gen2 holo display.

As always – rez your elevator shipping crates to get your updates.


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