Elevator 2.6.0 Update Available

This update is mainly a sound engine update adding new places to trigger sounds and includes some new default sounds. We’ve also added glow to all of the elevator buttons and a real elevator “nudge mode” with an audible alarm. See the full release notes for more detailed information!

To get your updates, simply rez your original crates or use our redelivery terminal at our customer service desk. It’s been a while since I put out an elevator update so let me know if something seems broken!



Updated script package to 2.6.0:

  • Added more sounds and sound options to the system.
    • Car can now play a sound when it arrives at a floor. Configured via the notecard in each call button. Defaults to a voice calling out the floor number.
    • Doors can now play an arrival sound depending on direction of travel. Defaults to a voice saying “Going Up” and “Going Down.”
    • Car can now play a sound when it enters maintenance mode. Defaults to a voice saying “Maintenance mode enabled/disabled.”
    • All sounds can now be disabled by setting their option to “off” in the notecards.
  • Added a new “nudge mode.”
    • Doors slowly close when blocked and an alarm sounds.
    • Number of times the doors have to be blocked before they’re forced closed is now configurable.
    • The warning text saying that an avatar is blocking the doors can now be hidden.
  • Buttons now use the glow feature. Amount of glow can be configured – set glow to 0.0 to disable.
  • Direction arrow on doors is now applied to the back of call buttons in order to preload it.

Updated all shells to 2.6.0:

  • Changed the on-rez text from whisper to owner-say – less spam for people around you.
  • Updated all notecards with the latest options.

Updated elevator unlocker:

  • Fixed the profile picture generator. Now correctly shows your profile picture.
  • Also updated the notecards included with it to more recent ones.

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