Sales Reporting & Delivery System updated

Update 1.1
* Updated JEVN integration script. It now works with JEVN 3.x thanks to its API support.
JENC sales are now reported since the script uses the API.

* Integration scripts (JEVN, SLX), and the Union Micro Vendor script now report their locations as “Region Name (x, y, z)” instead of “Region Name (x, y)” as before.

* Changed the “Server Key=” entry in the _UMconfig notecard to “SalesServerKey=” so be sure to double check that if upgrading.

* Added the “LogSeparator=” entry to the _UMconfig notecard. This must match the Log Separator specified in your JEVN _config notecard. This MUST be changed from the default “-” log separator — I suggest using the | (pipe) symbol. Make sure this is not in any of the item names that you’re selling.

* Fixed documentation error for Sales Server – Log Types were reversed.

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