Vendor, Sales Report, & Delivery System

What you get:

  • Full-Feature Vendor
  • Sales Server
  • Delivery Server
  • Scripts to integrate this system with JEVN and SL Exchange*

  • Example scripts to integrate with your own vendors

*These are provided as-is. I cannot guarantee their functionality with future versions of said products.


This is a single-prim vendor that is intended to sell one product inside of it. It is, however, capable of giving out multiple items. I.E. It could have an outfit in it that consists of a shirt and a pair of pants.


  • Sends sale details to a sales server
  • Also tracks amount of purchases and profit locally
  • Configurable hover text colour, and whether you want to use hover text or not
  • IM vendor owner on sale
  • Option to use Dialogs instead of chat for customer interaction
  • Can dispense a single item, or group of items on payment
  • Advanced profit sharing

    • Can share payment with any number of avatars
    • Full share-control – no need to split payment EQUALLY
    • Each avatars share is defined as a percentage in the notecard

Sales Server

The sales server keeps track of all sales sent to it. It will e-mail you the sales log on command or every night at midnight PST.


  • Dialog driven – no chat commands to remember
  • Two log formats
  • All sales are grouped according to product name
  • Tracks user keys
  • Log output can be copy & pasted from e-mail into a delivery server notecard

  • Ability to define admins

    • Admins are able to get the server dialogs
    • Basic use is to view logs in-world in chat or get server key

  • High-detail model with working LEDs (1-prim version also included)

Delivery Server

The most advanced delivery server in Second Life. No more having to manually drop items on users profiles.


  • Dialog driven – no chat commands to remember
  • Will hold up to 55 delivery notecards
  • Delivery notecard selected via dialog menus

  • Calculates estimated delivery time for all recipients
  • All delivered items appear in the recipients inventory in a folder that you specify
  • High-detail model with working LEDs (1-prim version also included)

Integration Scripts

These sets of scripts allow you to track sales from other vending systems. Why is this important? It allows you to log your customers keys, which allows you to easily send product updates using the delivery system.

Open-source examples of the sales report syntax are also included, allowing vendors you create to send sales reports to a sales server.

This is NOT a centralized vending system. The main focus is the sales reporting and delivery system. The vendor is only included to complete the package. All items to be sold must reside INSIDE the vendors.



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