New HUD attachments!

Animation Director
This brand new HUD attachment is a dream come true for all of the models, actors, and other people in SL who rely on being able to play animations at the click of a button. No more fidgeting with opening animation windows out of your inventory, only to have to re-open them when you choose to stop playing the animation.

You get 2 different Animation Directors in this package:

  • Notecard version
  • Inventory-drop version

What’s the difference? The inventory-drop version allows you to simply add animations into the contents folder, and it will automatically load them in alphabetical order. The notecard version allows you to specify which animation shows up in which spot. This allows you to sort your animations whichever way you want!

Current Features:

  • Drag & Drop and Notecard versions
  • 9 animation slots
  • Each slot has a Start and Stop button and the name of the animation in it
  • Can be used as a HUD attachment or placed in-world
  • Power button used to reload all animations and to force an animation to stop
  • All chat is private to the owner only


The QuickChat HUD attachment is the essential tool for quick communications. With 4 programmable slots, you can quickly communicate with other QuickChat users at the push of a button. Simply edit the notecard inside, hit the power button, and away you go! All messages are received in format "QuickChat: Owner of talking QuickChat: Message," so there should never be any confusion as to what you are hearing.

This is great for anyone that needs to coordinate an event in-sync with other events such as timing a fashion show, directing an in-game movie or playing a fast paced game in-world where typing just isn’t an option.

Current Features:

  • Select your own chat channel (other than 0*)
  • 4 Programmable buttons
  • Buttons are colour-coded for clarity: red for empty slots, green for active slots
  • Can be used as a HUD attachment or placed in-world — use it like a switch to control objects that listen on specific channels
  • All chat is private to the owner only

*I disallowed channel 0 to: a)prevent chat spam/abuse, b)to prevent lag. If channel 0 is selected in the notecard, the QuickChat will not start.

QuickChat is required by other users to hear your QuickChat text, unless other devices are used to listen on the channel you set.

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