Mutli-user Tip Ball and Shouter

These 2 products were released almost a week ago, but I’m just getting around to updating the site today.

Multi-user Tip Ball
The Union Micro Multi-user Tip Ball will allow you to save your precious prims at your events by allowing you to replace all those tip jars with one of our multi-user tip balls. You simply add all of your hosts into the configuration notecard, and away you go. The host then simply clicks the ball, and answers Yes when asked if they want to take it over. From then on, all money paid into the ball is redirected to them.

Multi-user Shouter

The Union Micro Multi-user Shouter will enable your event hosts to be heard clearer than ever before. You’re probably wondering what’s preventing your host from just shouting in the first place, aren’t you? Well the main thing is that the hosts text will now show up in green instead of white and blending in with everyone else. The shouter sets its own name to that of the current host, so it looks like that person is talking, but in green!

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